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The three Races are at war, Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, and the other creatures throughout the world, threaten the well being of Arane, Arrow of the vampires. Help us, or fight us with Kell, the traitor who thirsts for blood and war throughout the Races
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 Charlie James Biersack|| Looks can be misleading

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PostSubject: Charlie James Biersack|| Looks can be misleading   Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:57 pm

I was born one morning in December on the coldest day abandoned by my mother whom my father I was raised my father raised my brother and I with a stubborn heart my mother left me her good looks and confident charm.

Full name: Charlie James Biersack
Nick Names: Charles, Creep
Gender: Male
Age: 23 years (35 counting vampire years)
Voice: Charlie has a rather deep voice, though he keeps it soft. The male also has a british accent and talks in very soft tones, usually described as a whisper though he does raise his voice when mad.
Race: Vampire
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Well I spent most of my teenage years Searching for her love I could not find it anywhere so I turned to drugs and after all the smoke had cleared and it was said and done I found myself addicted by the age of 21.
Physical appearance: His messy black hair falls into his eyes, nearly covering one of them completely. His body is small, really small. He looks much more like a 23 year old boy rather then a 35 year old guy mainly because when he was bit 12 years ago when he was 23, and vampires age slower. His build is small, even for a 23 year old. Small shoulders and very skinny with long legs, he is rather tall. His eyes are a bright blue and just below one of his eyes is a scar of a burn mark. The guy used to wear just long sleeves to cover the scars all across his arms until he got tattoos that cover them unless you look closely, and sometimes he still wears fingerless gloves. All over his torso, arms, and fingers are scars and burns from his past days when he was abused at home by his mother who believed he was possessed by a demon.
Charlie has a rather emo style. He often wears eyemakeup and other black makeup on his face and his arms and covered in tattoos. The black marks all across his hands and arms appear to be just weird sloppy tats but thats not the case, some are actually burn marks and others are makeup to make it appear as if he meant his arms to look like that because he hates people asking him about his scars. He wears dark clothing often and like said before, fingerless gloves. Some may describe Charlie as handsome other may call him creepy, it really depends on your taste in guys.

Weapons: Charlie doesn't really carry any weapons but a pocket knife, he mainly fights with his fists, though if possible he will avoid fighting as he hates violence.

I tell the truth, I've been beaten, I've been bruised I was left for dead as well. I was wrongfully accused, you left me locked inside a cell.
°Destructive Charlie isn't good at most things, because he is destructive and ends up messing things up. People usually don't want to be around him because of this, because this trait also causes him to unintentionally hurt people around him. It's rare if anyone asks him to do anything.

°Bubbly Charlie is bubbly to put it in short. He is often wanting to play around and cheer people up despite his own mood. People often find him annoying because of this, and even if they shoo him away or snap at him he'll keep trying.

°Depressed Believe it or not Charlie is suffering from a huge case of depression. When someone crosses the line when they're teasing him or being mean he'll snap. Bark angrily at them but then run off somewhere to cry without anyone seeing him. It's rare to get him that angry, only when they comment on his past or his mother.

°Cowardly Charlie is afraid of nearly anything. He fears going out at night because of his past and the other's whom he used to live with. It's rare that he'll come out from hiding during a fight but he will stand by the pack in the end, healing them.

°Hopeless Romantic The male is surprisingly romantic when he has feelings for someone. Though he is too shy to admit his feelings if he discovers a person he has a crush on him too he'll go beyond his limits to make them happy and try to show he likes or loves them. He'll often make a fool of himself doing this, but he doesn't care and it's usually actually romantic.

°Shy Surprisingly Charlie is shy. He will go up and talk to random people but he is more private then usual and can't handle telling people embarrassing things like if he has feelings for them or if he messed something up.

°Low self esteem Charlie has very low self esteem. If he sees someone he likes or is in a relationship just talking friendly to someone else he'll think they're cheating on him and go sulk in a corner. This also means he's fairly needy, he hogs attention and enjoys when someone pays more attention to him then anyone else.

°Sensitive Charlie is mainly only sensitive about his past and his scars, but he does get upset easily. If you mention anything about his scars (if you happen to see one) he'll most likely lock up on you and just go silent or just shrug it off and end the conversation. Charlie crys A LOT. Most people see him as a cry baby but the way he sees it is he has every right to cry as much as he does with all the crpa he's been sent through.

°Angry Charlie is almost always filled with anger. He manages to suppress his anger however but sometimes he has random violent streaks, where basically he'll beat the crap out of anything he can get his hands on. He gets fed up quite easily and will begin acting like a total jerk, but he will just storm away quickly after being ticked off.

°Clingy/Needy Charlie has the bad habit of being clingy. Some people say he has no sense in personal space and he'll most likely latch to the person nearest to him if he hears something scary. He is also fairly needy, which means in a relationship he needs A LOT of attention in order for him to feel like he's not being neglected. This doesn't just go for relationships but for friends as well. This trait is half because he didn't get hardly any attention as a child so now he needs lots of it as an adult.
Skills/abilities: Charlie has enhanced senses. So he has better eye site, hearing, and smell as well as being faster then an average human and the supernatural strength of an average vampire despite his scrawny looks.
History: Well, in short he was born into a human family with two brothers named Blayse and Edthan, his mom abused him terribly and Ethan hated him. Charlie had no idea who Blayse even was because he had a seizure at a young age, at the time Blayse was separated from the family so he never knew him as a brother. Later on he met his brother Blayse and had a great friendship with him, they were really close and soon found out Blayse was his brother. He lived at home for a little longer before being bit, only then did he leave home. (Some of his abuse included being cut across his back, wrists, arms, and pretty much all over his body, several burns across his spine and Charlie also has a fear of salt because his mom always believed he was possessed by a demon and so she would always surround his room in salt and make him take baths in salt water.)

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PostSubject: Re: Charlie James Biersack|| Looks can be misleading   Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:01 pm

Bio accepted Charlie Very Happy
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Charlie James Biersack|| Looks can be misleading
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