Mythical Creatures

The three Races are at war, Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, and the other creatures throughout the world, threaten the well being of Arane, Arrow of the vampires. Help us, or fight us with Kell, the traitor who thirsts for blood and war throughout the Races
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Weather and Seaons
It is Spring time and the Southern pasture is open. The hunting will soon begin and the spring festivities as well.
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The friends and foes list may be used for two purposes instead of just one! You may use it for it's plain use of friends, OR, you may use it to keep track of your friends and enemies in the RP! We strongly encourage it to be for RP usage for it may give a slight affect as to knowing who your character likes and doesn't like. The choice is yours!


 Rules of the Write

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PostSubject: Rules of the Write   Rules of the Write EmptySun Mar 24, 2013 9:47 pm

The following rules must be followed accordingly!

No foul language

Language is prohibited here. Take note that there may be users of 12 and older but we want a safe environment here. The RP should be clean and enjoyable for all members. If you are not capable of not keeping a clean post, do not take it here please. Some of us may take it offensive or are uncomfortable with it. We need to respect them as we all want respect.

No Harassment or Sexual scenes
Harassing another member is strictly prohibited!Anyone caught doing so may result in being banned. Same for the sexual scenes. It is considered highly inappropriate. So keep it out!

Paragraph posts

Posts must be a minimum of five sentence or more. No less!The more detailed the post, the better the next poster has more to post to and the RP flows.

Be mature!
Act maturely to your age. Small spazzing immature moments are okay but please try to maintain yourself as this will minimize the annoyance of other members.


Okay now we all know there are ways to hack someone even if you didn't have their password. We advise that you do not do this for it will result in a THREE WEEK ban!

More rules may be added according to what the Council decides!
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Rules of the Write
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