Mythical Creatures

The three Races are at war, Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, and the other creatures throughout the world, threaten the well being of Arane, Arrow of the vampires. Help us, or fight us with Kell, the traitor who thirsts for blood and war throughout the Races
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It is Spring time and the Southern pasture is open. The hunting will soon begin and the spring festivities as well.
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The friends and foes list may be used for two purposes instead of just one! You may use it for it's plain use of friends, OR, you may use it to keep track of your friends and enemies in the RP! We strongly encourage it to be for RP usage for it may give a slight affect as to knowing who your character likes and doesn't like. The choice is yours!

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 Salem's Bio

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Salem Scream

Salem Scream

PostSubject: Salem's Bio   Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:36 pm

Character Name: Salem Alexander Rose Knight

Nickname: Salem Scream

Gender: Female

Age: 196 years old but looks like she's 17

Race(Vampire, human, werewolf, lycan, roque, Other): Vampire

Physical Appearance(Detailed!): Around 5'2". Pale skin like freshly fallen snow, long and straight, flowing pure white and electric blue streaked hair, thin but not starved looking, dresses in unusual clothing, usually wears black, blue, or purple. Wears the same colors in her make-up. Is rarely seen in pink or yellow unless it goes with what she's wearing or in one of her 'random' moods. Likes to wear Converse and combat boots. Has a smooth, silky voice and striking blue-grey eyes.

Personality: Normally quiet around others but when she's alone she likes to sing what's on her mind and heart. Also has a feisty/destructive attitude if someone makes her mad enough or she has gone too long with out fresh blood; how do you think she got her nickname? Sometimes is just random and can be a real smart***. Just remember, they say it's the quiet ones you gotta look out for. She's a listener; if anything is wrong or you have something on your mind, she's there. She's understanding. She's not the kind to go looking for a fight, but will take a stand and defend the innocent, her beliefs, and those she cares about.

Skills/abilities(If human, just put what talents he/she has): Has a rare gift seen in vampires to be able to walk in the sun, but only for a short time before it starts to bother her. Is, at times, if she concentrates enough energy, able to turn into any nocturnal animal.

Weapons: Has a gun and/or knife hidden on her at all times when she's out. In times of war and battle she likes to use more older/medieval weapons such as battle axes, swords, etc. Is also skilled with various poisons.

History: From a very young age her human mother was killed by a vampire in a blood rage, she never knew who her 'human' father was, but even while knowing he's been dead for decades, she still looks for clues as to who he could be by looking through old family archives her vampire mother has saved and asking other vampires who may have been around at the time. She's made friends with other covens and even people of other species, and has traveled to many countries. Currently living deep in the Black Forest of Germany.
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PostSubject: Re: Salem's Bio   Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:38 pm

I guess i'll save arane some time and accept this. Welcome to mythical creatures Salem!
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Salem's Bio
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