Mythical Creatures

The three Races are at war, Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, and the other creatures throughout the world, threaten the well being of Arane, Arrow of the vampires. Help us, or fight us with Kell, the traitor who thirsts for blood and war throughout the Races
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It is Spring time and the Southern pasture is open. The hunting will soon begin and the spring festivities as well.
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The friends and foes list may be used for two purposes instead of just one! You may use it for it's plain use of friends, OR, you may use it to keep track of your friends and enemies in the RP! We strongly encourage it to be for RP usage for it may give a slight affect as to knowing who your character likes and doesn't like. The choice is yours!


 Benjamin Ravelan

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PostSubject: Benjamin Ravelan   Benjamin Ravelan EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 4:31 pm

Benjamin Ravelan Jake-Gyllenhaal-1280

The Basics

Name: Benjamin Ravelan
Nick Names: Ben, Benny, Benji, or Jam
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Weight: 177lbs
Hair: Ben has dark brown hair that is a bit curly at times.
Eyes: Light Green/Blue eyes
Scars: He has a long scar from his collar bone near his left shoulder to under his right ribs.
Build: Ben is lanky, but built at the same time. He can certainly handle himself.
Tattoos: On the back of his neck Ben has a black tattoo of an upside down cross.
Attire:Usually wears a short sleeve tee and jeans. He also wears a dog-tag with each of his parents names on it.


Personality: Ben is known to be interdependent and unfriendly. He absolutely despises the outer races. Although, he does have a bit of general respect for them. The young man is also known to be brave but sometimes over confident. Ben finds it hard to trust, let alone love, anybody.
Skills/abilities: Ben can travel silently. He is also known for his quick reflexes in quick battles. He also tends to use his voice, which is known to be quite seductive.
Weapons: He carries twin daggers, one with laced silver, and the other he received from the Black Market which is laced with holy light.
History:Ben used to live with his parents, as all teens do, until he turned 16. There was a raid from the Vampire Race. One of them killed his parents and badly wounded Benjamin (Reason to his scar). He now lives in a small home by himself, he manages to afford it through odd jobs and bounty hunting.
Sexual Orientation:Straight


Dating: No one currently
Interested In: Nobody yet
Family: Mother- Jillian Ravelan (deceased) Father- William Ravelan (deceased) Siblings- None
People He Has Met: Zura, Arane, Blitsen, and Jason

Benjamin Ravelan Jake-gyllenhaal-father-son-time-05

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Ravelan   Benjamin Ravelan EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 4:37 pm

Nice bio! Accepted Very Happy
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Benjamin Ravelan
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